EXO-CBX Mini Album Vol. 1 - Hey Mama! (XIUMIN Ver)[+EXO poster][+XIUMIN 24K auto

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EXO-CBX Mini Album Vol. 1 - Hey Mama! (XIUMIN Ver) [+EXO poster][+XIUMIN 24K autograph filter][+XIUMIN postcard][+EXO sticker]

EXO reveals their first subunit EXO-CBX! Formed by Chen, Baek Hyun and Xiu Min, the trio is releasing their first mini-album Hey Mama! The five-track mini-album includes the spirited title number Hey Mama! featuring disco and 70s punk styles, the funky EDM Rhythm After Summer, the medium-tempo R&B ballad Juliet, the retro-inspired Cherish and The One, which was performed at their third world tour The EXO'rDIUM. This edition comes with a 52-page booklet and a random photo card.