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EXO Photobook - Dear Happiness+EXO Vol. 3 - Ex'act (Korean Version) [+EXO autogr

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*Exclusive product package set : [EXO Photobook - Dear Happiness]+[EXO Vol. 3 - Ex'act (Korean Version) album]+EXO autograph 24K EM filter(random)][+Ex'act doubleside photocard 2pcs][+EXO folded poster][+Postcard][+Sticker]

*total 7 package set

1)EXO Photobook - Dear Happiness
2)[EXO Vol. 3 - Ex'act (Korean Version) album]
3)[+EXO autograph 24K EM filter(random)]
4)[+Ex'act doubleside photocard 2pcs]
5)[+EXO folded poster]

Last year, EXO enjoyed a happy vacation in Fiji. The 322-page Dear Happiness photobook captures their youthful charm and also the island's natural beauty.


1. Composition: Photo Book 1 (322p)
2. Size (mm): Width (230) X Vertical (302) X thickness (35)
3.EXO Vol. 3 - Ex'act (Korean Version) album
4. Exclusive package set