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Kill Me, Heal Me OST (MBC TV Drama)[+Ji Sung autograph event photo] [Audio CD] K

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This version comes with [+Ji Sung autograph event photo]

Ji Sung juggles seven characters in one as a man with dissociative identity disorder in the MBC drama Kill Me, Heal Me. With the help of a psychiatrist played by Secret Love co-star Hwang Jung Eum, he strives to return to a normal life and uncover the root of his trauma while fluctuating between different personalities that create myriad problems in his daily life. The soundtrack for Kill Me, Heal Me includes Jang Jae In's "Auditory Hallucination" featuring NaShow, "Healing Love" by f(x)'s Luna and LU:KUS's Choi, Moon Myung Jin's "Unspeakable Secret" and Lee Yoo Rim's "This Feeling." It also features Ji Sung's "Violet" and "Letting You Go" by Park Seo Joon, who plays Hwang Jung Eum's brother in the series.