Monsta X HERO [Normal](Japan Ver)+BTS I NEED U (SINGLE+DVD) (F.LTD)(Japan Ver)

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*This item is exclusive package set. Album set is total 2 album. And it will be shipped separately

Building a sizable fanbase since debuting in Korea in 2015, K-pop boy band Monsta X makes their Japan debut with the Japanese version of Hero. Originally released on their second Korean mini-album Rush, the hit title track is a powerful dance number that highlights the group's strong rap and vocal skills. The single also includes the Japanese version of "Stuck" from the Lost mini-album. This edition comes with a random trading card.

Exclusive package: BTS I NEED U (SINGLE+DVD) (F.LTD)(Japan Version) [+BTS poster(30cmx42cm)][+BTS polaroid card(including signature)][+BTS 24K EM filter(For Cellular phone)][+BTS postcard][+BTS sticker]