NCT 127 Mini Album Vol. 1 - NCT #127(+official photocard)[+NCT autograph photoca

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NCT 127 Mini Album Vol. 1 - NCT #127(+official random photocard 1pcs of 14) [+NCT autograph photocard 2pcs]

*exclusive photocard random 2pcs : NCT autograph photocard 2pcs

SM Entertainment's largest rookie boy band NCT, which stands for Neo Culture Technology, is composed of unlimited members from various countries. After introducing the first subunit NCT U in April, the Seoul team NCT 127 debuts with their first mini-album NCT #127 featuring the title track "Fire Truck," which is a hip-hop and trap number fused with moombahton rhythm. Named after Seoul's longitude, NCT 127 includes NCT U's Tae Il, Tae Yong, Jae Hyun and Mark from Canada, plus Yuta from Japan, WinWin from China and Haechan.